Space Team Rescue Game

Space Team Building Game
Space Team Building Game

Your space ship is is heading toward a black hole and has been ripped apart. Can your team get it back together before time runs out?

With robots and theme twists, your team is sure to leave crying in laughter in this fun game. Don’t let the fun fool you, every group run through this game leaves with a stronger ability to work together, solve problems and realize their inner strengths.

Because the activity is time based, the pressure is on – which only adds to the dynamic tension. This tension builds skills, as participants don’t have time to tend to their egos. They need to work together or get sucked into the back hole.

The game forced people to work together under time pressure, yet it’s a lot of fun.

This activity is a collaborative game that teaches teams to:

* Coordinate under pressure,
* Think of what’s best for the team over individual glory,
* Problem solve collectively.

This two – three hour activity is best for teams of between 10 and 60.

Skills ranked for this activity (Stars = Strength of this skill emphasized)

***** Active Listening – understand other team members needs, beliefs, hopes and worries
***** Collaboration Skills – coordinating with others, leverage team strengths, reduce weakness
* Creativity / Creative Thinking / Idea Exchange
***** Problem Solving – learn to deal with conflicts in the most effective way
*** Being Supportive – helps keep team together, promotes team reliability
**** Patience – being tolerant and understanding of others
***** Building Confidence – (confidence in each other) people can rely on you and trust you
***** Communication Skills – verbal & non-verbal skills, empathy, open-mindedness, feedback
***** Team Bonding – time together increases effectiveness of working together and trust
* Leadership – increases confidence in taking charge and managing others
***** Fun – this activity lets members enjoy each other’s company in a non-work environment

Space Team Building Activity
Space Team Game Robots and Aliens and Black Holes – oh my.

We are opening to making this program fit within your budget, so please take these numbers as flexible.
Investment averages between $6,000 – $2,000.
Assuming 10 participants
$5,000 outside the midwest, onsite or with an existing room.
$3,000 within the midwest, onsite or with an existing room.
$2,000 within the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area (includes northern Ohio);
onsite or with an existing room.
Room rental fees are normally under $500, but can be this high depending on the venue.
For each participant past 10, add $200.

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