Draw, Wright, Act, your Team as Heroes

Your Team As Superheroes
Your Team As Superheroes

In a world where your team is often under appreciated, wouldn’t it be nice if they could see themselves as super heroes?

Well now they can!

In this three tiered activity, your team will learn to:

* Draw themselves as a super hero (even of they lack drawing skills), complete with a super power.
* Write their own mini comic strip where they are the superheroes,
* Act out the strip to the rest of the room, taking ownership of their super powers.

We call on our teams every day to complete challenging projects, meet deadlines and go the extra mile. We expect super performance from our teams … why not let their inner superhero out!

Superhero script
Superhero script

While this activity has a strong leaning component, the act of seeing themselves as heroic, often helps teams build confidence.

This activity is three tiered and teaches teams to:
* Gain insight into each member’s strength and creativity,
* Collaborate to create their team story,
* Act out that story to, “own it.”

This three hour activity is best for teams of between 9 and 25.

Skills ranked for this activity (Stars = Strength of this skill emphasized)

** Active Listening – understand other team members needs, beliefs, hopes and worries
*** Collaboration Skills – coordinating with others, leverage team strengths, reduce weakness
***** Creativity / Creative Thinking / Idea Exchange
**** Problem Solving – learn to deal with conflicts in the most effective way
***** Being Supportive – helps keep team together, promotes team reliability
***** Patience – being tolerant and understanding of others
***** Building Confidence – (confidence in each other) people can rely on you and trust you
*** Communication Skills – verbal & non-verbal skills, empathy, open-mindedness, feedback
***** Team Bonding – time together increases effectiveness of working together and trust
* Leadership – increases confidence in taking charge and managing others
*** Fun – this activity lets members enjoy each other’s company in a non-work environment

Team Superhero
Team Superhero

We are opening to making this program fit within your budget, so please take these numbers as flexible.
Investment averages between $6,000 – $2,000.
Assuming 9 participants
$5,000 outside the midwest, onsite or with an existing room.
$3,000 within the midwest, onsite or with an existing room.
$2,000 within the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area (includes northern Ohio);
onsite or with an existing room.
Room rental fees are normally under $500, but can be this high depending on the venue.
For each participant past 9, add $200.

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