Looking for more info about our team building activities, workshops and seminars? Team Lightning Bolt offers Team Building activities for groups of 8 or more. Each activity is lead by an experienced facilitator and centered around a theme such as:

Pirate Team Building Game

The Pirate Plunder Adventure
Send your team on a pirate adventure on the high seas. Under the command of Captain White-beard, your team needs to grab the booty from the seized ship before it sinks. Teaches teams to work together and maximize individual strengths. Oh … and your team will come back speaking in pirate.

Space Team Building Game Space Team Rescue
Your space ship is is heading toward a black hole and has been ripped apart. Can your team get it back together before time runs out? With robots and theme twists, your team is sure to leave crying in laughter in this fun game. Don’t let the fun fool you, every group run through this game leaves with a stronger ability to work together, solve problems and realize their capabilities.

Forbidden Island Team Building Game

Forbidden Island Collaborative Treasure Hunt
Your team lands on an uncharted island in search of treasure. Suddenly the ground starts to shake, the ocean rushes in, the island is sinking! Shore up the land as fast as you can, grab the treasure and escape!

To win, your whole team must escape together with the four, treasures … or else!

Let Your Team Battle as the Superheroes they are.

Super Hero Team vs Super Villain
What could be more fun than playing a team of superheroes fighting a super villain? Let your team boost their confidence, gain collaboration skills and … well just have a heck of a good time beating the bad guy.


Team use Lego bricks to enhance their problem solving skillsLego Serious Play
Thinking out side the box … with little plastic blocks!

The Lego company created a system that helps teams think in more creative ways, and expand their problem solving ability. Sometimes called, “thinking with your hands,” the Lego Serious Play system, fosters collaboration via team play.

Grr Argh

Shifting Sands Mummies Curse Challenge
While on a dig, your team must have disturbed the sacred tomb of Tut-Un-Somebody. Because the desert sands are trying to bury you all, the sun is beating down and water is nowhere to be found. Your only chance is to assemble an ancient flying device to escape. But to do that you’ll have to work together.

Superheroes Team Building Game

Draw, Wright, Act,  your Team as Heroes
In a world where your team is often under appreciated, wouldn’t it be nice if they could see themselves as super heroes? Well now they can!

We call on our teams every day to complete challenging projects, meet deadlines and go the extra mile. We expect super performance from our teams … let their inner superhero out!

Screen Printing for Charity Charity Screen Print – T-Shirts for Your Cause
Donating money to your favorite charity can seem detached, and uninvolved. Now you can let your team help out while building useful collaborative skills by printing t-shirts for the charity to sell. Participants are broken into squads (3-4 people). After some instruction, each squad starts printing. While competing for squad glory, the charity is the ultimate winner.

Team Building Experience with horses Leadership Building with Horses Destination Events
Horses are heard animals, thus always looking for who is the leader. Instead of riding the horse, it much more challenging to get a horse to follow you without the bridle, stirrups and a reins. This, “ground work,” is the basis of this team building activity.

Zentangle Team Building Activity Meditative, Drawing, Team Awareness Workshop
Looking for a creative team building activity that will spark creativity, team bonding and be a lot of fun. Consider team art activities. These include Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Screen Printing or Airbrushing. This activity sparks creativity, self discovery and supportive behavior.


RC Helicopter Team Building Flight School – Flying Radio Copters Learn and Bond
Let you team have some fun while they learn to fly radio controlled (RC) helicopters. Each team member starts by learning the basics of flying. Then they work together to compete challenges, gain points for their squad, and laugh a lot.


Salsa Team Building Activity Salsa Shake Team Break
No Touching! This dance activity does not require participants to hold hands, touch each other or anything yickie.

Participants will learn to move, loosen up and have a good time. Using lively music, everyone will have fun, and laugh as their tension gets shaken off. This is a perfect activity in the middle of any long conference, retreat or when participants are sitting for long periods learning information.

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